Thursday, December 30, 2004

Mountains by my home!


Mad, yes I am! I live in the United States, wouldn't have it any other way. Yet I am refused employment because I am not bilingual. No I am not racist! My family has been in this country since 1620's. Some of my ancestors came from Europe, but most were Native Americans from this country. Members of my family include many different nationalities.

YES, I speak English, no I don't speak another language (wish I did) and I think it's great for those that do. So let me ask this of you? English is this country's language, so why do I have to be bilingual to seek employment on most jobs? Why must we change our language to suit others? If you move to this country you should learn the language, just as I would expect to do if I moved to China, Spain, Rome or anywhere else. Do other countries change their main language just because people move into their country? I doubt it.

My point is, if I meet all the requirements for employment, except for the fact I am not bilingual should I be refused employment? NO! Yet I am. That's why I am MAD!